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Saratoga Greenbelt Trail

Actions to take


First, study the case for the trail. The major points are contained in the one-page summary at right (click to download PDF).

Visit our Facebook Page and click the "Like" button.

Make your opinion count! Fill out the form down below, or go here to add your name to our list of supporters. Your email address is optional, but we'd like to send you an occasional newsletter, urgent news - nothing annoying. We won't share it with anyone.

Talk it up! Share our Facebook page. Generate some buzz!

Write a letter to the editor at the Post-Star.

But if you really want to have an impact, contact your Supervisor. They have a bold decision to make - make it easier by letting them know how you feel. Most of them already like the trail idea, so be polite.

Join us! It's interesting work, and very rewarding. Contact Curt Austin at, or 518 494 9994.

Go take a look at the corridor close up. You can get into trouble walking the tracks, so don't do that. It's fun to take a look from your computer. Then close your eyes and imagine you are gliding along the trail in dappled sunshine.

If you are a business owner in a town that touches the Hudson, then you have a special right to voice your opinion: the First Wilderness Corridor is supposed to benefit you! If it isn't, tell your Supervisor.

If you are a business owner on Main Street in North Creek, you may feel as though we're trying to take something away from you. Before you take your own action against the proposed trail, please understand we are replacing the train with something that will be better for you. Do your own investigation. Start here; you won't find testimonials like these about tourist trains.

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